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June 2013

The United Nations Enable Newsletter is prepared by the Secretariat for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (DSPD/DESA) with input from UN offices, agencies, funds and programmes, as well as from civil society organizations, including organizations of persons with disabilities. It is also available online at : www.un.org/disabilities.

In this issue :

 Status of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)
 Highlights from the UN system
 Upcoming calendar of events
 Other news


132 ratifications and 155 signatories to the CRPD
77 ratifications and 91 signatories to its Optional Protocol (OP)

Norway ratified the CRPD on 3 June
Palau ratified the CRPD and the OP on 11 June.

6th session of the Conference of States Parties to the CRPD
The 6th session of the Conference of States Parties (COSP6) will be held from 17 to19 July 2013. The theme for this session is : “Ensuring adequate standard of living : empowerment and participation of persons with disabilities within the framework of the CRPD”. The sub-themes are : 1. Economic empowerment through inclusive social protection and poverty reduction strategies ; 2. Disability-inclusive development in national, regional and international processes ; and 3. Community-based rehabilitation and habilitation for inclusive society. A complete list of side-events to the Conference will be posted shortly. (www.un.org/disabilities/default.asp?id=1606)

COSP6 Civil Society Forum
Prior to the Conference, a multi-stakeholder Civil Society Forum (CSF) will be organized by the following organizations : Disabled Peoples’ International (DPI), Disability Rights Fund (DRF), Global Partnership for Disability and Development (GPDD), Human Rights Watch (HRW), International Disability Alliance (IDA), International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC) and Rehabilitation International (RI), with the support of DESA. The CSF programme and other details will be posted shortly. (www.un.org/disabilities/default.asp?id=1606)


Update on the High-level Meeting on Disability and Development
The High-level Meeting of the General Assembly on Disability and Development (HLMDD) will take place at UN Headquarters on 23 September, the day before the opening of the General Debate of the 68th session of the General Assembly. Online pre-registration for civil society is now open and will close on 1 July. The outcome document of the HLMDD is currently being negotiated by Member States, informed by the many inputs received from organizations of persons with disabilities and other relevant stakeholders, including regional and online consultations. (www.un.org/disabilities/default.asp?id=1590)

DESA Forum : Dialogue on the post-2015 Development Framework and Disability
The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), as the global focal point on disability issues of the UN system, will organize a “DESA Forum : Dialogue on the post-2015 Development Framework and Disability” at United Nations Headquarters from 19 to 20 July 2013. The Forum will bring together a wide range of stakeholders to contribute to on-going discussions toward a post-2015 UN development framework through exchange of experiences and ideas for disability-inclusive development. Discussions will cover policy development, implementation and monitoring and evaluation for the continuing work of the international community toward society and development for all. The Forum will consist of two interactive panels and a dialogue presided by the President of the General Assembly. The results of the forum are expected to contribute to on-going discussions concerning the post-2015 development agenda, as well as the HLMDD. (www.un.org/disabilities/default.asp?id=1611)

International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 3 December 2013
The theme of this year’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities is : “Break barriers, open doors : for an inclusive society for all”. A major focus of the Day is practical and concrete action to include disability in all aspects of development, as well as to further the participation of persons with disabilities in social life and development on the basis of equality. Activities to commemorate the Day, work to highlight progress and obstacles in implementing disability-sensitive policies, as well as to promote public awareness to break barriers and open doors to realize an inclusive society for all. By 3 December 2013, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the outcome document of the HLMDD will also be available and may be used to provide a blueprint for action to help realize the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in society and shape the future of development for all ! (www.un.org/disabilities/default.asp?id=1607)

Final Report of High-Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda released
The High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda released its report : “A New Global Partnership : Eradicate Poverty and Transform Economies through Sustainable Development,” which sets out a universal agenda to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030, and deliver on the promise of sustainable development. The report calls upon the world to rally around a new Global Partnership that offers hope and a role to every person in the world. (www.post2015hlp.org/the-report/)

ESCAP : Call for nominations for disability award
Nominations are now open for the "ESCAP-Sasakawa Award for Disability-Inclusive Business in Asia and the Pacific". The ESCAP-Sasakawa Award seeks to recognize the leadership of companies that provide enabling working environments for persons with disabilities, deliver inclusive products and services, and are innovative in their disability-inclusive approach. Awards are available within three categories : Disability-inclusive multinational enterprise, Disability-inclusive national enterprise, Disability-inclusive entrepreneurial business. All winners will receive ongoing public recognition for their excellence and innovation in the field of disability-inclusive business, with the winner of the entrepreneurial category to additionally receive a cash prize from US$ 50,000 to 100,000. Nominations will be accepted until 19 August 2013. (www.di-business-award.com)

OHCHR : CRPD Committee’s statement on disability and the post 2015 agenda
In May 203, the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities issued a statement on including the rights of persons with disabilities in the post 2015 agenda on disability and development. The statement calls upon the international community to recognize that development goals in the post-2015 agenda, in order to be sustainable, should be rooted in a human rights-based approach and take into account the enjoyment by all persons with disabilities of their civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. (www.ohchr.org/Documents/HRBodies/CRPD/StatementInclusionPost2015.doc)

UNIC Moscow:Study on web-accessibility of Runet
On 25 June, the UN Office in Moscow contributed to a public presentation of the “Study on web-accessibility of Runet”, a pilot project launched by a group of non-profit organizations, officially supported by the Russian Ministry of Communications. With a view to implement provisions of the CRPD, the study was led by the “Bezgraniz” Centre, a pro-disability NGO, and conducted by IT experts, including persons with disabilities. The objective of the study was to review the design and accessibility of 20 select Russian websites, such as Government services, telecommunications, private industry, banking and social media used by persons with disabilities on a regular basis. (www.unic.ru/news_inf/Accessibility_of_Runet_2013.pdf).

UNICEF : 2nd meeting of the Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities
On 24 September, UNICEF will host the second gathering of the Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities (GPcwd). The GPcwd is a network of more than 240 organizations, including Governments, UN agencies, international NGOs, national/local NGOs, Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs), academia and the private sector, working to advance the rights of children with disabilities at the global, regional and country levels. With a rights-based approach, the Partnership provides a platform for advocacy and collective action to ensure the rights of children with disabilities are included and prioritized by both the Disability and Child Rights Movement. The inaugural Forum, held in September 2012, established four task forces namely : nutrition, education, humanitarian action and assistive technology. The second meeting on 24 September will take place between the High level Meeting on Disability and Development (23 September) and the MDG Summit (25 September). Partners will discuss plans for future steps, including its organizational structure, funding and thematic strategies for 2014-2015 to ensure children with disabilities are included in the post-2015 development agenda. (www.unicef.org/disabilities/index_65319.html ; gpcwd@unicef.org)

ITU : Global consultation on ICTs, disability and development
In May 2013, the Broadband Commission, G3ICT, the International Disability Alliance (IDA), ITU, Microsoft, Telecentre.org Foundation and UNESCO launched a global consultation to collect recommendations from key stakeholders on the contribution that ICTs such as websites, mobile, radio and TV make towards enabling the autonomous participation of persons with disabilities in all aspects of society. The outcome of this consultation, which includes input from 150 experts from over 50 countries, will be presented at a side-event to the Conference of States Parties to the CRPD on 17 July at UN Headquarters. (www.itu.int/accessibility)

WIPO : States adopt landmark treaty on access to published works
On 26 June, negotiators from WIPO’s Member States reached agreement on the substantive provisions of a new international treaty to improve access to books for blind, visually impaired, and other print-disabled people. The Diplomatic Conference to Conclude a Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works by Visually Impaired Persons and Persons with Print Disabilities, convened by WIPO and hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco, met in Marrakesh from 18 to 28 June. Stevie Wonder, celebrated performer and UN Messenger of Peace, appealed to more than 600 negotiators at the Conference, to finalize the treaty that will improve access for the blind, visually impaired, and print disabled to published works in formats such as Braille, large print text and audio books, including novels, textbooks and other material that they can use for education and enjoyment. (www.wipo.int/dc2013/en/news/2013/news_0010.html)

WHO : International Diploma and Masters in mental health law and policy
The International Diploma on Mental Health Law and Human Rights is currently accepting applications for the academic year 2013-14. The Diploma, now in its fourth year of existence, is a collaborative initiative between WHO and the ILS Law College in Pune, India. The course builds the capacity of students to advocate for human rights and to influence national legislative and policy and service reform in line with the CRPD and other key international human rights standards. (http://cmhlp.org/diploma). The International Master in Mental Health Policy and Services, an international course promoted by the NOVA University of Lisbon in collaboration with WHO, is now currently accepting applications for the academic year 2013-2014. The main scope of the Master Degree in International Mental Health Policy and Services (MHPS) is to build capacity of mental health professionals to lead and contribute to conceiving, formulating, implementing and evaluating national mental health policy, legislation, health services and care delivery. (www.fcm.unl.pt)

(Send us information on major international disability events for possible inclusion in the list below)

1 July : Deadline for NGO registration for the HLMDD
(see item above)

2 to 3 July : Include 2013 : Global Challenges and Local Solutions in Inclusive Design
The event will be organised by the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Hong Kong Design Centre and the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. (www.hhc.rca.ac.uk/4989/all/1/include-2013.aspx)

8 July : General Assembly Thematic Debate on Inequality
The thematic debate on inequality will be held by UN General Assembly in accordance with resolution 67/230 with a view to reduce inequality in elaborating the post-2015 development agenda. (www.un.org/en/ga/president/67/)

2 to 13 September : 10th session of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
The 10th session will take place in Geneva and include the Adoption of concluding observations for Australia, Austria and El Salvador, as well as the Adoption of list of issues for Azerbaijan, Costa Rica and Sweden. (www.ohchr.org/EN/HRBodies/CRPD/Pages/Session10.aspx)

9 to 11 September : 6th International Urban Design Conference
The Conference will be held at the Novotel Sydney Olympic Park. The conference "UrbanAgiNation" urbanisation | agitation | imagination will examine future density and infrastructure requirements in cities. The call for abstracts is now open. (urbandesignaustralia.com.au)

23 September : High-level Meeting on Disability and Development (HLMDD)
(See item above).

24 September : Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities (GPcwd)
(See item above).

25 September : Special event to follow up on efforts on MDGs
A special event to follow up on efforts made towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, in accordance with General Assembly resolution 65/1. (www.un.org/millenniumgoals/summitstroy.shtml)

13 October : International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2013
This year’s commemoration will focus on disability. The theme of the Day is : "A Not So Obvious Conversation - Disability and Disasters”. Commemorative events will also be held at UN Headquarters in New York. (www.un.org/en/events/disasterreductionday ; www.preventionweb.net/globalplatform/2013/)

16 to 18 October : 2nd International Conference of the WFD
The 2nd Conference of the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) will be held in Sydney, Australia under the theme : “Equality for Deaf People”. (www.wfdsydney2013.com)

24 to 26 October : ICTA2013
The fourth International Conference on ICT & Accessibility (ICTA2013) is organized by the Research Laboratory of Technologies of Information and Communication and Electrical Engineering (LaTICE), of the University of Tunis in collaboration with The Computing Center EL KHAWARIZMI (CCK), with the technical co-sponsorship of IEEE Tunisian Section. This year’s edition of ICTA has the theme of “Design 4 all”. (www.icta.rnu.tn/)

3 December : International Day of Persons with Disabilities
(See item above)

(DISCLAIMER : The information below is provided by civil society organizations and others for informational purposes only. This does not constitute endorsement of, or an approval by, the United Nations of any of the products, services, or opinions of the organization or individual. The United Nations bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of their statements and opinions.)

Cross-Cutting Disability Research : Research Toolkit for DPOs
A new toolkit developed by Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre, University College of London : “Research Toolkit for Disabled People’s Organizations : How to undertake and use applied research”, is a component of the Cross-Cutting Disability Research Programme. A resource for disabled people’s organizations (DPOs) to better understand why they might decide to undertake research, how to commission, design and monitor the process and how to use research findings. (www.ucl.ac.uk/lc-ccr/ccdrp/downloads/DPO_toolkit.pdf) . Also, the Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Development Centre, University College London, held a one-day conference on the 17 June, showcasing the results from the Cross-Cutting Disability Research Programme, a UK-Aid funded research aimed to include a disability component within mainstream development projects. (www.ucl.ac.uk/lc-ccr/ccdrp/conference)

Accessibility as a human right : Invitation to nominate Innovative Policies and Innovative Practices
The Zero Project´s mission is to promote the rights of persons with disabilities. Its main activity is to research the most Innovative Practices and Innovative Policies that advance the implementation of the UN CRPD, and to present them in the Zero Project Report, on its website (www.zeroproject.org) and at the Zero Project Conference. The theme of next year’s conference is : “Accessibility as a human right : Innovative Policies and Innovative Practices”. Nominations are invited for one or more innovative policy and/or practice that has improved accessibility for persons with disabilities. Deadline to submit nominations : 29 July 2013. (www.zeroproject.org/about/nominations)

Drawing attention to psychiatric torture
The Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (CHRUSP) invited survivors of forced psychiatry and all human rights defenders to participate in actions on 26 June, the International Day in Solidarity with Victims of Torture, to oppose psychiatric torture (non-consensual interventions and detention) through blogs, statements and other activities. Attention was drawn to the recommendations of the Special Rapporteur on Torture in his 2013 thematic report, in particular for an absolute ban on non-consensual psychiatric interventions and for repeal of legal provisions allowing confinement and compulsory treatment in mental health settings. (www.chrusp.org/home/psychiatric_torture)

First academic Conference on Disability Rights in Africa
The Centre for Human Rights invites abstracts for a conference on disability rights with a focus on the implementation of the CRPD in the African region. The conference will be held at the Center for Human Rights on 5 November 2013 in Pretoria, South Africa. The Conference will also coincide with the launch of first issue of the African Yearbook on Disability Rights. It is anticipated that papers presented at the Conference would be subsequently be considered for publication in the 2014 issue of the African Yearbook on Disability Rights. (thuto.hlalele@up.ac.za)

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